The history of massage goes back more than 2000 years ago.

Today massage therapy is gaining popularity as it is found effective for a number of complaints, ranging from painful ailments, tired and strained muscles to sports and exercise injuries. Massage helps in the reduction of pain and discomfort, relief of tension and stress, and generally promotes overall health. The basic fundamental of massage cadence physical therapy is working on the body’s soft tissues to improve blood circulation and remove toxins from the muscles.

Currently there are numerous schools, colleges and universities that offer wellness and massage therapy online programs. The usual massage therapy online courses cover the background, theory and benefits of massage therapy. The terminologies and physiology of the body, common ailments and injuries, and basic massage techniques are also included. Some online massage programs demonstrate the basic strokes of massage through a short video clip.

However to be really effective, hands-on experience is very important. Some massage therapy online programs provide a certain number of onsite training hours. These are delivered in the form of tutorials and workshops led by certified massage therapists. During these sessions, the student will have hands-on practice and training on various massage techniques.

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